Wing Chun Street Fight by Master Wong

Wing Chun Street Fight

Street fighting is about being aware of how the surroundings and obstacles around you affect what can happen in a fight.

PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY shown that WING CHUN has all kinds of benefits, these are just a few...

Confidence and Awareness

It teaches great morals and values

supreme self-confidence

improves focus and stillness

Combat ready

Improves Combat Skill

Know your Surroundings

about being aware of how the surroundings and obstacles around you affect what can happen in a fight.

Wing Chun Street Fight 12 Week Training Program

Step-by-Step Training

Wing Chun Book


What you'll learn

  • Training your natural awareness to increase your perception of situations.
  • How to deal with a variety of scenarios
  • Become Combat Ready
  • Improve rapid Response
  • Learn hot to Finish a Fight in SECONDS
  • Understand about dynamic entry
  • Delivering devastating Strikes
  • Understanding the mindset for Street Fighting
  • Positioning the body correctly, knowing where and how to stand
  • Common attacks and how to Fight
  • Controlling your attacker
  • Understanding your power
  • Instinctive responses
  • Learn to protect your family and people you care about
  • Situational awareness prevents problems before they start
  • Attacking vulnerable points of the body
  • Conditioning your body into a weapon

Control of the Situation

 about being aware of how the surroundings and obstacles around you affect what can happen in a fight.


The Master Wong Wing Chun Street Fighting training Course is a complete guide to protecting yourself on the street. These EASY TO UNDERSTAND training videos are GUARANTEED to teach you everything you need to get yourself out of a difficult, maybe even life-threatening situation if you are attacked while you are outside the safety of your home.

Street Fighting training is practical, filmed out on the street, in the environment you will encounter and works on applying techniques face to face with your partner. By practicing through a variety of scenarios and using drills to improve your reactions you will be able to act instinctively when you are under threat and do what needs to be done to protect yourself or those you care about.

Master Wong is your personal guide through the world of self defense and will put himself in dangerous spots and explain how to escape and make sure your attacker canโ€™t continue to bother you and will probably never want to bother anyone ever again.

The user-friendly style
of this production makes Master Wong your real life personal trainer! He will be with you through out each scenario and training exercise to coach and guide you, helping you to complete each task. Not all Street Fighting is created equal! This modern realistic approach to training provided in HD brings you the secrets of the ancient Art of War applied to dangers you are likely to face today. This is your interactive step-by-step course, provided by Master Wong, making it easy for anyone, anywhere to learn Street Fighting and gain confidence and awareness when the are out on the street.

Master Wong welcomes comments and questions from students and is constantly working to improve the quality of this instructional material. New videos will be regularly updated. So if there's a scenario you would like Master Wong to cover, contact us. You may well find this scenario included in our up coming content.

What's included?

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Introduction Street Fight
Sil Lim Tao Street Fight Introduction
Sil Lim Tao Street Fight Play
Combat Ready Power Conditioning
Power Conditioning Info
Palm to Throat
Angle & Straight Hammer Fist
Cross Elbow to Chest or Face
Elbow from Shield
Knee to the Body
Neck Chop & Palm Strike
Power Conditioning Summary
Combat Ready Conditioning your Weapon
Conditioning your Weapon Info
Front Kick
Round Kick
Side Kick
Knee Strike
Shoulder Bump
Hand Strikes
Palm Strikes
Hammer Fist
Elbow Strike
Conditioning your Weapon Summary
Combat Ready Primary Weapons
Conditioning your Weapon Summary
Chop kick & Round kick Face
Attack shin & Round kick to Thigh
Attack Shin & Round kick to ribs
Attack shin & side kick to body
Hammer Fist to arm & Round Kick to Groin
Primary Weapon Summary
Combat Ready Secondary Weapons
Secondary Weapon Info
Intercept Inside Wrist & Shield
Hammer Fist to Arm & Elbow to Fist
Hammer Fist to Wrist & Defend Body Hook
Intercept Inside Wrist & Defend with Elbow
Intercept Inside Wrist & Hammer Fist to Uppercut
Secondary Weapon Summary
Combat Ready Back Up Weapon
Back Up Weapon Info
Blocking Punches then Shoulder Bump
Dynamic Entry with Broken Fist
Shield, Shoulder Bump & Chain Punch
Shoulder Bump, Slap to Ears & Headbutt
Dynamic Entry with Headbutt or Shoulder Bump
Back Up Weapon Summary
Combat Ready Weapon Flow Drills
Weapon Flow Drills Info
Defending Bat Swing by Closing Gap & Push
Defending- Stabbing Drill
Defending- Varied Knife Drill
Defending-Varied Stick Drill
Full Stick Drill
Weapon Flow Drill Summary
Combat Ready Using the Shield
Using the Shield Info
Basic use of Shield
Shield & Sidekick
Jab, hook and close the gap
Shield & Elbow to Chest
Shield to Close Gap & Attack the Back
Using the Shield Summary
Devastating Strikes
Devastating Strikes Info
Destroy the Neck
Destroy the Throat
Destroy Throat with Hammer Fist
Destroy using Headbutt
Destroy using the Knee
Devastating Strikes Summary
Flow Drills
Round Kick Attack & Advanced
Flow Drill Info
Strike & Pull
Strike & Twist
Sidekick Attack & Advance
Flow Drill Summary
Dynamic Entry
Dynamic Entry Info
Intercept Inside Wrist with Centre Line Attack
Broken Fist & Elbow to Chest
Broken Fist with Knee to Body
Broken Fist & Destroy Shoulder
Intercept Inside Wrist & Defend Grab
Dynamic Entry Summary
Rapid Response
Rapid Response Info
Rapid attack
Breaking the Wrist & Attack the Face
Rapid Attack & Defending Hooks
Breaking the Fist & Defending Body Hook
Rapid Attack & Knee to the Face
Rapid Response Summary
Counter Attack Launching the Assault
Launching the Attack Info
Laughing the Chain Punch
Launching the Knee Attack
Launching the Elbow Attack
Launching the Chop to the Throat
Intercepting Attack & Defend the 2 Leg Grab
Launching the Attack Summary
Taking Control of the Situation
Taking Control Info
Attack the Leg & Chop Neck
Deatroy Fist & Throw into Wall
Destroy Arm with Knee to Face
Dynamic Entry with Rear Naked Choke
Elbow to Back & Control the Face
Taking Control Summary
Complete Domination Over your Enemy
Complete Domination Info
Attacking the Neck & Elbow to Face
Destroy the Back
Attack Ribs & Kick to Groin
Elbow Back & Knee to Chest
Elbow to Back & Attack the Thigh
Complete Domination Summary
Weapon Threats
Weapon Threats Info
Using the Shield & Knee to Groin
Using the Shield & Defend a cut Throat
Using the Shield & Defend Body Stab
Using the Shield & Taking the Knife
Headbutt to face & Body Search
Weapon Threats Summary
Know your Surroundings
Know your Surroundings Info
Broken Fist & Push
Destroy Fist & Elbow Chest
Destroy the Fist & Front Kick to Chest
Shied then Guillotine Headlock
Head Control & Knee to Back
Know your Surroundings Summary
Correctly Applying Violence of Action
Correctly Applying Info
Elbow to Back & Push
Shield & Elbow to Spine
Shield & Side Kick to Solar Plexus
Destroy the Leg & Attack the Body
Destroy using the Kick & Attacking the Back
Correctly Applying Summary
Finish a Fight in Seconds
Finish a Fight Info
Chop Kick & Knee
Chopping the Head off
Elbow to the Face
Headbutt & Knee
Groin Strike & Elbow Attack
Finish a Fight Summary
Multiple Attack
Multiple Attackers info
Destroy Fist the Twist
Destroy the Fist & Push
Destroy with Knee then Push
Attack & Control Enemy
Destroy with Kick then Control Enemy
Multiple Attackers Summary