Wing Chun Biu Jee by Master Wong

Wing Chun Biu Jee

The Master Wong Bui Jee course is the complete foundation in the Master Wong Wing Chun system.

PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY shown that WING CHUN has all kinds of benefits, these are just a few...

Better Coordination

Better Reflexes

Get Fitness

Internal Energy

Relieves Stress

Improves speed and power

Bui Jee Basics

Bui Jee course is the complete foundation in the Master Wong Wing Chun system

Wing Chun Biu Jee 12 Week Training Program

Step-by-Step Fitness Training

I Understand That When I Act Now


Plan your own training to fit your personal targets and time commitments.


Receive one to one attention from Master Wong to help you achieve your training goals faster and to address specific problems.


Access to a training group of like-minded people to provide support and motivation.


 Monthly live group web sessions, providing you with interactive input from like-minded individuals and the opportunity to learn from the experience of others.


Interactive analysis from Master Wong of your training techniques so that you can identify both your


Develop self-confidence and a mindset to help you meet and overcome any challenge life throws at you, meaning that your life becomes more balanced  .

Bui Jee Basics

Bui Jee course is the complete foundation in the Master Wong Wing Chun system.

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  Biu Jee, is the third level of Wing Chun training. It is composed of grappling range techniques, sweeps, low kicks and “emergency techniques” for counter-attacks against your opponent when your centreline has been compromised or if you have been seriously injured.
  When you have developed your skills, Biu Jee combines your fine-tuned motor skills with subtle but deadly strikes. This type of technique should only be used if your life is in imminent danger and any alternative options don’t present itself.
  This level of skill focuses on soft targets like the eyes, throat and groin areas, including fragile locations like elbows and knees. These type of movements utilize very close-range elbow strikes, eye gouges, finger thrusts and pressure points.
  Biu Jee emphasises grabbing body parts to control the adversary. Often, the attacks are meant to disable a limb by breaking, fracturing, or dislocating the joint. Elbows and knees are the two most common Biu Jee areas of attack.


The Bui Jee course is the complete foundation in the Master Wong Wing Chun system.

What you'll learn

  • Training your natural awareness to increase your perception of situations.
  • Become Combat Ready
  • Improve Rapid Response
  • Learn how to Stabilize core
  • Chi Sao Breaking Holds
  • Chi Sao Lock & Hold
  • Chi Sao Training
  • Form & Application
  • Power Training
  • Grappling Drills
  • Knife Defence
  • Instinctive responses
  • Learn to protect your family and people you care about
  • Situational awareness prevents problems before they start
  • Conditioning your body into a weapon


What's included?

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Introduction in Biu Jee
Bui Jee Welcome
Bui Jee Play
Bui Jee Intro
Bui Jee Basics
Bui Jee basic Intro
Cover & Chop to Neck
Cover & Shoulder Bump
Cover & Headbutt
Cover & Chop to Neck then Throat
Cover & Stay Covered then Chop Throat
Cover, Double Eye Gauge then Elbow
Cover, Shoulder Bump, Palm & chop Throat
Bui Jee Basic Summary
Bui Jee Form and Application
Form and Application Intro
Form & Application Part 1
Form Part 1
Form & Application Part 2
Form Part 2
Form & Application Part 3
Form Part 3
Form & Application Part 4
Form Part 4
Form & Application Part 5
Form Part 5
Form & Application Part 6
Form Part 6
Form & Application Part 7
Form Part 7
Form & Application Part 8
Form Part 8
Full Form
Full Form Link
Bui Jee Form Summary
Chi Sao & Shoulder Bump
Shoulder Bump Intro
Front Bump
Back Bump
Side Bump
Bump Master Cycle
Shoulder Bump Summary
Chi Sao Arm Control
Arm Control Intro
Inside Arm Pull
Outside Arm Pull
Side Control & Push
Two-Hand Clamp & Pull
Two-Hand Clamp & Pull Down
Under Cut to Twisting Pull
Master Cycle
Arm Control Summary
Chi Sao Breaking Holds
Breaking Holds Intro
Grab Release, Cover & Launch
High Grab Release, Shield & Launch
Split Grab Release, Shield & Launch
High Grab Release, Arm Control & Hammer Fist
Shield, Headbutt & Chop
Breaking Holds Summary
Chi Sao Headbutt
Headbutt Intro
Two-Hand Grab
Headbutt to Shoulder
Control Arm & Headbutt
Control Master cycle
Chi Sao Head Cover
Head Cover Intro
The Straight Palm
The Hook
Hooks & Straight Palms
Head Cover Summary
Chi Sao Head Grab
Head Grab Intro
Singe Grab & Move Behind
Single Grab, Headbutt & Move behind
Double Grab,Headbutt & Move Behind
Double Grab, Roll Out & Move Behind
Head Grab Summary
Chi Sao Lock and Hold
Lock & Hold Intro
Wrist lock
Arm Bar
Arm Lock behind
Figure of Four
Guillotine Lock
Rear Naked Choke
Shoulder & Neck Lock
Wrist Lock to Key Lock
Lock & Hold Summary
Chi Sao Grappling Drills
Grppling Drills Intro
Low Grab, Drop & Kick Groin
Body Grab into Low Brace
Neck Grab, Secure Posture & Body Strap
Low Grab, Climb on then Rear Naked Choke
Body Grab, Low Brace, Hook & Move Behind
Body Grab, Move Behind then Rear Naked Choke
Head Grab, Divert Arm & Body Grab
Head Grab, Divert Arm, & Lift & Leg Strap
Body Grab, Low Brace, Hook, Move Behind, Peel & Shield
Grappling Drills Summary
Chi Sao Shoulder Bump Power Training
Power Training Intro
Shoulder Bump & Front Kick
Shoulder Bump & Round Kick
Shoulder Bump & Sidekick
Shoulder Bump & Knee
Should Bump, Turn & Sidekick
Power Training Summary
Chi Sao Head butt and Kick
Headbutt & Kick Intro
Front Kick & Push
Round Kick & Push
Sidekick & Push
Knee and Push
Turn Sidekick & Push
Headbutt & Kick Summary
Chi Sao Defending the Leg Grab
Leg Grab Intro
Arm Control
Changing Legs
Single Forearm
Two Forearms to Neck
Head Control
Leg Grab Summary
Chi Sao Power Training
Power Training Intro
Arm Control & hammer Fist
Arm Grab & Knee
Arm Control & Knee to Back
Arm Control & Attack Solar Plexus
Wrist Grab & Knee
Wrist Grab & Front Kick
Wrist Grab & Sidekick
Shield & Front Kick
Shield & Round Kick
Shield & Sidekick
Shield & Knee
Shield, Turn & Sidekick
Power Training Summary
Chi Sao Face Defence & Attack
Defence & Attack Intro
Search & Pull
Search & Push
Search & Twist
Defence & Attack Summary
Chi Sao Attack & Move Behind
Attack & Move Behind Intro
Inside Pull & Palm
Double Hand grab & Chop Kick
Body Punch & Push from Behind
Undercut, Knee & Move Behind
Undercut, Headbutt & Push from Behind
Undercut, Shoulder Bump & Push from behind
Attack & Move Behind Summary
Chi Sao Defence Shoulder Bump & Kick
Shoulde Bump & Kick Intro
Front Kick & Move behind
Round kick & Move Behind
Sidekick & Move behind
Knee & Move Behind
Turn, Sidekick & Move Behind
Shoulder Bump & Kick Summary
Chi Sao Headbutt Power Training
Headbutt Power Training Intro
Headbutt & Front Kick
Headbutt & Round Kick
Head but & Sidekick
Headbutt & Knee
Headbutt, Turn then Sidekick
Headbutt Power Train Summary
Chi Sao Strapping and Arm Control
Strapping & Arm Control Intro
Arm Control & Body Punch
Arm Control & Hammer Fist
Arm Control & Knee
Arm Strap Control
Arm Strap & Wrist Control
Hand Strap & Switch Arm
Hand Strap & Attack Collarbone
Hand Strap & Search Body
Hand Strap & Move Behind
Strapping & Arm Control Summary
Chi Sao Knife Defence
Knife Defence Intro
Defend Stab & Push
Defend Cut to Throat & Push
Defend Downwards stab & Push
Defend Hook Stab & Push
Hooking stab to rib cage to clear and push
Knife Defence Summary