Wing Chun 116 Dummy by Master Wong

Wing Chun 116 Dummy

After completing the hand forms it is possible to reach a higher standard by moving on to Wing Chun 116 Dummy training.

What you'll learn

  • Training your natural reaction Time
  • Conditioning your body into a weapon
  • Positioning the body correctly
  • Common attacks and how to defend
  • Controlling your attacker
  • Understanding your power
  • Instinctive responses


  • A good foundation in the Wing Chun Sil Lim Tao Course will make this easier & more effective
  • Ability to listen and follow instructions
  • Interested in fitness and Wing Chun
  • An open mind and willingness to learn
  • Take there time, don’t hurry, Be Patient
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes
  • Reasonable level of fitness

Who this course is for:

  • Interested in learning how to be more confident and more self assured, interested in Martial Arts
  • Interested in learning Wing Chun
  • Interested in traditional Training styles
  • Must be physically able to take this course
  • Any medical issues, you must consult with a medical professional Curriculum Section


  • The Master Wong Wing Chun 116 dummy training course is a complete guide through the Dummy training. These EASY TO UNDERSTAND training videos are GUARANTEED to teach you everything you need to know to further develop your Strength, Power and sharper Technique. Dummy Training is a practical way of improving your hand to hand skills, this instrument is a useful replacement for a partner when you are unable to train together. By practicing through a variety of movements from the Dummy Form, the student can improve their Reaction Time, Body Positioning and Body Conditioning; all these invaluable skills practiced under one roof.
  • Mastering the 116 Dummy Training, will naturally improve and reinforce the student's ability, allowing them to transfer these skills into the Self- Defence and Street Fight Training. Working in the close range with the Dummy, stimulates the real distance in a fight as well as correct Body Positioning and Body Conditioning.
  • Master Wong is your personal guide through the world of the 116 Dummy. Directing you, step by step to ensure you reach your full potential.
  • The user-friendly style of this production makes Master Wong your real life personal trainer! He will be with you through out each training exercise to coach and guide you, helping you to complete each task. Not all Dummy Training is created equal! This modern realistic approach to training provided in HD brings you the secrets of the ancient art of war applied to 21st Century Training.
  • This is your interactive step-by-step course, provided by Master Wong, making it easy for anyone, anywhere to learn 116 Dummy and gain confidence and awareness. Master Wong welcomes comments and questions from students and is constantly working to improve the quality of this Instructional material. New videos will be regularly updated. So if there are any questions you would like Master Wong to cover, contact us. You may well find this question is included in our up coming content.

What's included?

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Welcome to Wing Chun 116 Dummy
welcome to wing chun 116 Dummy
Introduction in wing chun 116 Dummy
Promotion video wing chun 116 Dummy
Promotion video wing chun 116 Dummy
Dummy Training Exercise info
Basic Palm
Tan Da & Palm
Rolling Arm & Punch
Bong Sau & Palm
Bong Sau & Chop
Bong Sau & Punch
Bong Sau & Hammer Fist
Outside Block & Palm
Scissor Hand Block
Bong Sau & Hammer Fist
Dummy Training Exercise Summary
Basic Stepping
Basic Stepping
Basic Grab & Kick
Stomp, Side & Chop Kick
Stop Kick, Sweep & Sidekick
Kick Movement Explained
Dummy Form - Application Part 1
dummy Form Application Part 1 info
Dummy Form Part 1
Block & Eye Gouge
Bong Sau & Palm to Head
Bong Sau to Head & Defend Hook
Bong Sau and Palm to Chest
Form Application Part 1 Summary
Dummy Form - Application Part 2
Form Application Part 2 info
Dummy Part 2
Bong Sau & Arm Break
Bong Sau & Push to Shoulder
Bong Sau & Triple Punch
Block the Jab Cross & Palm to Chest
Block Front Kick then Stump Kick to Thigh
Block & Palm to Ribs
Form Application Part 2 Summary
Dummy Form - Application Part 3
Form Application Part 3 info
Dummy Form Part 3
Draw in & Knee to Body
Form Application Part 3 Summary
Dummy Form - Application Part 4
Form Application Part 4 info
Dummy Form Part 4
Bong Sau, Strike to Throat & Kick
Bong Sau, Back Fist, Defend the Hook
Form Application Part 4 Summary
Dummy Form - Application Part 5
Form Application Part 5 Summary
Dummy Form Part 5
Bong Sau & Control Arm
Draw in & Knee to Body
Form Application Part 5 Summary
Form Application Part 5 info
Dummy Form - Application Part 6
Form Application Part 6 Summary
Dummy Form Part 6
Block the Jab then Chop to Neck
Block the Jab & Palm Attacks
Block the Jab & Triple Punch
Block Jab & Kick to Body
Form Application Part 6 info
Dummy Form - Application Part 7
Form Application Part 7 info
Dummy Form Part 7
Inside bong Sau & Triple Punch
Form Application Part 7 Summary
Dummy Form - Application Part 8
Dummy Form Part 8
Inside bong Sau & Triple Punch
Bong Sau & Throat Grab
Inside Bong Sau, Block & Punch
Dummy Form - Application Part 9
Form Application Part 9 info
Dummy Form Part 9
Inside Bong Sau & Arm Break
Bong Sau & Sidekick
Form Application Part 9 Summary
Dummy Form - Application Part 10
Dummy Form Part 10
Defend Push then Palm to Ribcage
Form Application Part 10 Summary
Form Application Part 10 info
Wing Chun Dummy Full Form
Full Form info
Dummy Full Form
Full Form Explanation
Full Form
Full Form Summary
Form Without Dummy
Form Part 1
Form Part 2
Form Part 3
Form Part 4
Form Part 5
Form Part 6
Form Part 7
Form Part 8
Form Part 9
Form Part 10
116 Dummy Self-defence info
SD-Basic Punch Blocking Explanation
SD-Basic Kick Blocking Explanation
SD-Defend Throat Grab with Double Eye Gouge
SD-Destroy the Punch
SD-Defend Throat Grab with Eye Gouge
SD-Defend the Jab
SD-Defend the Jab & Front Kick to the Groin
SD-Defend the Jab & Hook then Attack Kneecap
SD-Defend Jab & Uppercut with Sidekick
SD-Defend the Jab & Attack with the Knee
SD-Defend the Jab & Hook
SD-Defend the Jab & Low Hook
SD-Defend the Jab & Intercept the Hook
SD-Defend the Jab & Uppercut
SD-Defend the Jab Cross
116 Dummy Self-defence Summary
Wing Chun 116 Dummy info
Wing Chun 116 Dummy info
Kick Movement Explained
Leg Movement Explained
Hand Movement Explained
Basic Free Standing Dummy Information
Iron Dummy Info
Wall Mounted Dummy Info