MW 21 Day Challenge by Master Wong

MW 21 Day Challenge

MW-Fit is a compilation of all the instructions and routines you will need to build a strong foundation of fitness. A twelve-week guide to taking you step by step completing the task of making you better than you were the day before. If you want to be the best version of yourself, here is where to begin. Notice a change in just two weeks!

MW-Fit Program

covers all the most important foundational work to helping with Nutrition, Environment, Exercises, Recovery, and has a section on Meditation. A complete guide to health and well being. MW-Fit will teach you what you need to know about, breaking down every exercise and giving you the benefits, what to eat, and how to recover for maximum results.

Meet Your Coach

Hi, Master Wong here, and I built MW-Fit to help people like you to gain full-body fitness in just twelve weeks!


Learn what and when to eat and the benefits of doing so. Learn how to shop for the things you need, and the tactics used to get you to buy the wrong things for your body.


Learning how to keep your surroundings encourages you to stick with the training. Instruction on the company you keep to promote you to stick with the program.


Full routines are taking you from Pre-Training to prepare you for the main workouts, to the main workouts that put you at a whole new level of physical fitness.


As a wonderfully useful bonus, we added a section on Meditation to help clear your mind of the useless chatter that gets in the way of all the more critical thoughts and processes.

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If you really want to learn new Martial Arts skills, to learn the skills necessary to teach Martial Arts, and to develop personal self-confidence, then I can definitely help you.