Master Wong

I coach experienced Martial Arts practitioners who are looking to teach others and to make money from their skills.
If you really want to learn new Martial Arts skills, to learn the skills necessary to teach Martial Arts, and to develop personal self-confidence, then I can definitely help you.
I am the best Martial Arts training instructor and my accomplishments include:

Tai Chi - Qigong Instructor Certification Course

The Master Wong System's Tai Chi Course is a leader in online Qigong and Tai Chi Certification.

Tai Chi and Qigong

The quiet and slowness of Tai Chi provide a chance to see ourselves clearly and objectively.

Wing Chun Siu Lim Tao

The first and most important form in Wing Chun. Siu Lim Tao is the foundation of Wing Chun

Basic Wing Chun

"Basic Training” of Wing Chun, giving you the tools and mindset that you will need to be the foundation.

Master Wong Book

The first part of Master Wong's biography. Discover how the early life of Master Wong.

Wing Chun Instructor Certification Course

The Master Wong System's Wing Chun Course is a leader in online Wing Chun Certification.

MW-Fit Training

MW-Fit is a compilation of all the instructions and routines you will need to build a strong foundation.


That's wonderful course and the instructor explains very well, in my opinion this course helps me out a lot. Congratulations!
Flávio Matos
very good course clear and very accurate .I recommend it to any student who want to learn the Tai Chi
Enricko Dubernard
Yes I believe the course will be well suited to my needs as I can no longer attend my usual Tai Chi.
Michael Connelly